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4th & 5th Grade

Equipping your kids as they prepare for the teenage years.

The EPiC Kids 4th & 5th graders do things a bit differently than the rest of our kids ministry, but have the same basic truths and faith skills. 

Your 4th or 5th grader will start and finish with you in ‘big church’. You’ll check them in with the rest of your kids and bring them with you instead of dropping them off to their class. During greet time, they will be dismissed to their leaders who will be waiting for them in the back of the sanctuary. 

In 4th and 5th grade we teach the Bible in a way that addresses some of the real issues that your children are facing in this stage of life. During their class time, your child will experience an age appropriate Bible lesson, bible drills to help them find and learn scripture in their bibles and small group activities separated by boys and girls that teach them how to apply what they’ve learned to their everyday life. We always close our small group time with intentional prayer and invite the kids to join in and/or lead the prayer. Your child will have a blast building new friendships with their peers an their small group leaders while they deepen their faith and build a stronger relationship with God. 

Our 252 Curriculum, from Orange, makes it easy for us to connect your child’s heart with a God that loves them and wants a relationship with them. 

We believe that there are three basic truths that we want every child to grow up and say…

Wisdom - I need to make the wise choice 

So I will…

  1. Trust and follow Jesus
  2. Spend time getting to know God
  3. Do whatever God says
  4. Discover God’s unique plan for my life

Faith - I can trust God no matter what


  1. He is my Creator
  2. He is my Father
  3. He is my Guide
  4. He is my Savior

Friendship - I should treat others the way I want to be treated

So I will…

  1. Show God’s love to those around me
  2. Care enough to put others before me
  3. Respect whoever God puts over me
  4. Be the right friend to those beside me

In addition to the three basic truths, we want kids to develop four faith skills that will help them grow in their relationship with God and reflect how they talk about faith.

  1. Hear from God - When we read the Bible, and listen to what God has to tell us through His Word, we learn we can trust God no matter what. 
  2. Talk about God - When we talk about our faith, we learn more about God and can tell others about Jesus.
  3. Live for God - Worshipping God is more than just singing songs. Worship is about living life in a way that honors God.
  4. Pray to God - Through prayer, we connect God. We show gratitude, say we’re sorry and express our feelings to God. 

Our 252 Curriculum from Orange walks your child through 150 Bible Stories, 3 Basic Truths and has 33 topics of focus in a three-year span. Your child will have a solid foundation and a deeper understanding of biblical terminology after their three years in our EPiC Kids Ministry.

We know how hard parenting can be. We've gathered some resources to help you navigate through every season of life that your child goes through. Check out our parenting resources below!

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