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Worship Team Video Audition

Submit an audition video here!

Submit your YouTube URLs below

Please send us a video of your instrumental playing skills or your vocal skills using the described criteria below. This can be done using your phone or however you wish to record yourself. Email your link or video file to A YouTube link is preferred. Please do NOT send a Facebook link. 

Vocals and Instruments, please video two songs. Both songs are your choice completely, but need to be from the suggested song list. Vocalists, please do one of those songs acapella as well. 

In your video, you may use the actual song to help accompany you and guide you through if needed. However, please try to keep the volume level of the song low enough so that we are able to hear you above the music. Also, make sure the camera is giving us a good shot of your face and hands on your instrument, so that we can see what you are playing or singing. 

Once we have had time to review, we will respond back to you via email as soon as possible with some feedback and our thoughts pertaining to your placement on the team. We look forward to hearing you and helping you in your next step of serving! Whether it's here on the worship team or another team in the church. Our goal is to help you find your fit!

We will be evaluating your audition video based on the following criteria:

1. Pitch - Are you able to stay in key throughout the song? Are your notes in tune?

2. Tempo - Are you able to maintain the proper speed and timing throughout the song?

3. Rhythm - Are you able to use the proper rhythm that fits well with the song?

4. Accuracy - Are you playing/singing all the parts correctly? Are you using proper phrasing?

5. Pronunciation - Are your notes clear and are we able to understand what you are saying?

6. Dynamics - Are you using appropriate volume levels for certain parts of the song and are you able to play/sing loud and soft?