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Church Center App

A great resource to know what is going on, and to access all things Life Change Church.

How to download PCO Church Center APP

  1. Go to the app store where you have downloaded other apps.
  2. Search: Planning Center.
  3. Scroll down to find: Church Center App (Has a blue picture of a church).
  4. Download. Click on app to open once download is complete.
  5. It will ask about notifications.
  6. Click "Get Started".
  7. Click "Use My Location" if you are at the church.
  8. Choose how much you would like this app to use your location.
  9. Select, Life Change Church.
  10. Select this is my church.
  11. Enter your phone number.
  12. You will receive a 6-digit pin via text.
  13. Enter that 6-digit pin in the space provided.
  14. Select the person you would like to log in as.


Church Center is a hub of all things Life Change Church. You can give, sign-up for groups, register for events, sign-up to serve, plan your serving schedule, check-in your child(ren) for LC Kids, and even check yourself in for service (in-person or online). It's a great resource to know what is going on and give you a mobile way to access it all.

How to check-in for service

  1. Open Church Center App.
  2. Click on check-in on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select, Sunday Morning Celebration.
  4. Click continue.
  5. Select, all the family members attending service in the Sanctuary.
  6. Click continue.
  7. All set, enjoy the service!

Have kids 5th grade and younger? How to check-in for LC Kids

  1. Open Church Center App.
  2. Click on check-in.
  3. Click on LC Kids Sunday.
  4. Select, the children your checking in.
  5. Then, your children are checked in to LC Kids.
  6. Scan your code at the self check-in station in front of LC Kids.
  7. Press enter.
  8. Retrieve tag(s).