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Birth - Preschool

Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool

We believe that there are three basic truths that every infant, toddler and preschooler need to learn before they’re 5 years old.

God Made Me

God Loves Me

Jesus wants to be my friend forever

Our First Look curriculum, from Orange, guides your kiddo into a deeper level of learning for who God is, how much he loves them and that no matter who comes and goes in their lifetime, Jesus will NEVER leave them. 

As a parent, you will hear these basic truths communicated every month.

You’ll also hear the following:

Bottom Line - This is the key concept that we will teach your child over and over throughout the month. We will say it until they really get it! 

Key Question - We use a key question to make sure preschoolers are getting what we are teaching. The same question is used all month because kids learn through repetition. 

Memory Verse - Toddlers and preschoolers will hear, see, say, and learn motions to the memory verse and begin to both understand and memorize it. 

Story Focus - The bible story will change every week, and is a particular aspect of the bottom line. The Bible story focus and most of the activities we do point toward this. 

Toddlers and preschoolers are designed by God to learn in many different ways. In fact, they use all five senses and every part of their body to learn each and every day. We use the uniqueness of the way a preschooler learns in each of our activities:

  • Move - uses a preschoolers natural desire to move 
  • Explore - channels the curiosity into a discussion of the weeks crucial concepts
  • Think - advanced activity specifically designed for older preschoolers
  • Reflect - encourages personal application and prayer
  • Play - encourages kids to follow guidelines while having fun and learning new concepts
  • Imagine - lets your kid pretend, imagine and role play to enhance their learning
  • Create - reviews the Bible story, bottom line, or memory verse by creating a craft

We know how hard parenting can be. We've gathered some resources to help you navigate through every season of life that your child goes through. Check out our parenting resources below!

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