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Finances, Jobs, Provision

Testimonies of God's provision in finances and jobs

God Provides

No matter what situation or scenario, God always meets our needs. These are testimonies of God's provision through financial situations, housing, and jobs. God is our provider!

"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." - Philippians 4:19

The Churchill's Story

Through the years we have learned the importance of pressing Into God's Word to grow in the Lord, so we make it a priority to participate in Small Groups and help where we can. My husband serves with Epic Kids on Wednesdays and now that there's a Men's bible study on Tuesday he can also dig into the word & fellowship with other men. When we least expected it, the faithfulness and love God has for us has once again given us a LIFE MOMENT! About a month ago, my husband received a call telling him about a great job opportunity. Even though it seemed a stretch, after prayer and seeking God, he decided to submit a resume. The very day my husband went for the job interview, my employer walked me out of my job as a reduction in force. My husband starts his new job April 8th. Before we even had a clue, God knew what was ahead and he provided a way out. With faith, we believe the Word of God and in Jesus' Resurrection Power in our lives and YOURS!

Sara's Story

God continues to move and shape my family's faith daily. Recently, I left my job and started my own company. It was a shift that God put directly on my heart and asked me to have faith in the moving pieces. We knew that it would also shift our income temporarily and things would be tight in the process and remained faithful and prayerful in this. 

After launching my business, I ended up in the hospital having surgery and not being able to work for a few weeks in recovery. I got back on my feet, persevered, gained back momentum and pursued my mission. Within 2 months, our son went into the hospital with an appendix that was just beginning to rupture. He was in the hospital and then recovering at home. God pulled us both through without any adverse affects and healed us to full recovery. Medical bills have began to pile up. Even with insurance we are buried in ALL the costs associated with hospital visit and stay, surgery costs, and recovery. 

I have been participating in the Women's group: The Armor of God recently. It has REALLY helped me press into all of the pieces that God provides in our Armor for each and every battle we encounter. I have been able to relieve so much Faith and PEACE about all of this piling up. So much so that I have been able to shine this peace so that my whole family feels, understands and seeks it as well. It has made me aware of the tactics that Satan uses to distract us, break our confidence, and our faith. The depth of the financial strain could have caused havoc in our family from stress, and it hasn't. Instead it has strengthened us. 

I called the hospital this week to set up some payment plans and muddle through the piles. Prior to calling, I prayed. I prayed that God would provide the person on the other end of the phone with compassion, and answers that we could understand and move to. I prayed that he would wrap His love and peace around me during the call so that I could fully express my diligence to take care of these bills. The person on the end of the phone was incredibly compassionate, she asked me to read off all of the amounts, expressed sadness with me for the amounts, understanding for our situation and then expressed her desire to help me find a solution before we ended our call. She explained that 2 surgeries in 2 months is a catastrophic event and so much for one family to bare at one time. She provided me with an option for my family, that would allow us to qualify for funding of some sort for these situations that could cover our costs at 100%!! 

I'm emotional just writing this because it's more than I ever could have imagined, and more than I would have believed we deserved. God knows our hearts, He knows our desires, He knows our hurts and His love poured out beyond my comprehension. I had faith that God would provide but because of this class I learned to be more intentional in activating my faith with prayer. We are so grateful for his love. Thank you so much for providing this class! I know that I wasn't called to it by accident. I will continue to use the tools learned from this session for my entire life, share with my family, friends, and those that God shows me that need them. We feel incredibly blessed. Thank you!

The Knapp's Story

I've shared a few times on how amazing our lives have been since we've given our lives to God. Two years ago we were addicted to heroin, getting evicted out of our homes, and on the verge of divorce. We've been completely clean for 18 months now, both have great jobs, our marriage is amazing, we were baptized and accepted God in our life, found Life Change church and since then our lives have taken off in the most amazing way. I never thought we would be where we are today. 

The place we've been living is extremely small, just a little kitchenette but we've made it work. We've been praying about getting a bigger place so our daughter could actually have her own room, we could have a full kitchen. Well after Easter service we noticed a little white house with a for rent sign. We started looking into it a little bit and Brian went to the owners and got an application from them. 

I stopped in the driveway after dropping off Brian this morning and prayed. I told God that yes I would love the house and if it doesn't happen that it's all part of His plan for us and it's not meant to be, that I wouldn't be upset. Brian called me at 5pm, sounded all sad and said that he talked to them. I asked what they said, he replied "We need to meet them at 6:15 to sign the lease!!!" PRAISE GOD!!! 

When we pulled in the driveway I started to hit me.....My life would be NOTHING it is today if it wasn't for God. All of this is because of accepting him as our Lord and savior!!!! How AWESOME is that?!?! I thought about where we were two years ago and where we are now and I am just so thankful. Just wanted to share our amazing blessing with you all. God is so good!!