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Small Group Testimonies

Stories of lives changed through Small Groups

Small Groups - Doing Life Together!

Small Groups are an impactful place to do life together with a small group of people. Through weekly study of God's Word, life-changing relationships are formed.

Check out some of the stories of how God has used our Small Groups to change lives!

Sara's Story

I want to share a testimonial/praise report that came from a small group that I took part in called Armor of God. This small group transformed how I spend time with Jesus, how I pray, how I now better understand God's messages and how I quickly extinguish Satan's bait in attempts to lead me or my family in the wrong direction. I knew about the Armor and what each piece represents but it was never taught to me the way this was. This class was powerful! I learned that the pieces of Armor I had weren't going to work until I activated them and the ONLY way to activate them is through prayer! I wasn't activating them with prayer! Throughout the week the group would communicate together as we completed the daily study and challenges for ourselves. Each day, I pressed into God more, grew closer, and my prayers branched out in areas I never expected. I committed every morning from 6am-7am "my Jesus time" I sat and listened hard to what I felt God was putting on my heart. Sometimes, his messages to me would feel discouraging and I wasn't sure that I was connecting right, listening hard enough, or praying the "right way." I kept pressing in though, and praying for his words, praying for guidance, and clarity. I started to look forward to getting up in the morning to learn more of the scriptures. I've never broken them down so much. I would share pieces of what I learned with my kids and my husband to involve them in the growth this was bringing. On the last day of class we watched the movie War Room. It was one that I hadn't seen yet. My son had. After watching that movie, something moved in me more than I have ever felt before. I went home and rented the movie for my whole family to watch the very next day. The day after that, I made myself a war room. Every day for the past month, I have sat in that room each morning. Listening, praying, speaking, crying, laughing and just absorbing God's messages. I didn't tell my family that I created this war room in a spare room closet. I wasn't really sure what was going to transpire in there. One day, about 2 weeks in, my daughter (who is 9) opened the closet and gasped excitedly, "A WAR ROOM!" I love that you have a war room Mommy! Can I share it with you? Of course my answer was, Yes! My son (who is 17) told me that he has a war room in his closet too. I didn't even know that he did this! I went into my morning closet with Jesus about a week and a half ago and found something new hanging next to my letters on the wall. It was a letter from my daughter. She drew a picture of a cross in the middle, and inside of the cross she wrote "God Loves". Then she proceeded to write "Dear Mommy, this letter is for you and Jesus to share. It's from me and Jacob and Daddy. We love you! I just sat and cried. The influence from what started in one small group, led to a daily desire to understand the Armor more deeply, which led to a an even deeper desire to have a more personal connection to Jesus with a War Room, which led to 2 children being influenced in big ways and brought our whole family into a place where we can all pray together and come to one another with questions or guidance. This church has grown and continues to grow our family in so many ways. This is just another one. Thank you!

Faithann's Story

I started the Armor of God study, through the study I was convicted about my prayer life. I started praying more and two days later my husband came home and told me he would be laid off for the second time in less than 6 months. I cried and called my mom on my way into work, my coworker saw me crying and then I messaged our group for our study. They all prayed for me on the spot. Two hours later, my husband called me and told me he was going to fill a spot at a different shop instead of being laid off. I have never experienced an answer to prayer that fast. I am so blessed to be apart of this group.

The Churchill's Story

Through the years we have learned the importance of pressing Into God's Word to grow in the Lord, so we make it a priority to participate in Small Groups and help where we can. My husband serves with Epic Kids on Wednesdays and now that there's a Men's bible study on Tuesday he can also dig into the word & fellowship with other men. When we least expected it, the faithfulness and love God has for us has once again given us a LIFE MOMENT! About a month ago, my husband received a call telling him about a great job opportunity. Even though it seemed a stretch, after prayer and seeking God, he decided to submit a resume. The very day my husband went for the job interview, my employer walked me out of my job as a reduction in force. My husband starts his new job April 8th. Before we even had a clue, God knew what was ahead and he provided a way out. With faith, we believe the Word of God and in Jesus' Resurrection Power in our lives and YOURS!